Texas Cash Five Results TX last draw February 28, 2014

Check out if you are the Cash Five winner for the draw of Friday the 28th (Jackpot of $19,754):

This page is not the official page for the Texas Lottery. To confirm (accurately) the 02/28/14 results for the Texas State, visit the official website. There were 24273 winning tickets for this draw n°201402280 If you think you won the Cash Five draw of Friday 28th of February 2014, there are two possibilities. Either you won over $600 and you need to go at one of the Texas LOTTERY CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS (you will also need to pay tax on these winnings). If you won $599 and less, simply go to any Texas lottery retailer (for instance the one where you bought your ticket). If you have the following numbers for this draw : 2 4 15 16 19 , you have a great chance of being the Cash Five winner. If that is the case, you are a seriously lucky guy and I really would like your secret. That's good to feel some fresh cash! There are many good things to do with it :).

What are Cash Five "Hottest" Numbers?

Here are some statistics that you may find useful for the next Cash Five draw in the Texas State. The following numbers come really often over the last Cash Five draws. So it may be worth it :)

Number # of time it came up over the last 20 draws
2 5 times
12 5 times
15 5 times
20 5 times
34 4 times

On the opposite, the following numbers of the Cash Five did not come out during the last 20 draws: 25 26

How to play Cash Five in Texas?

The official Texas state lottery was approved in 1991 via an amendment to the Texas Constitution. Lottery fever hit when the first game, Lone Star Millions, launched by selling a ticket to then Governor Ann Richards. Over 23 million tickets sold on the first day alone and set world records for both the first day sales and the first week of sales.

Official sales of Lotto Texas tickets began in 1992 and ticket sales soon exceeded $1 billion in 1993. Other games soon followed, including the Cash Five game in 2002.

The Cash Five game draws daily with players picking five numbers between 1 and 37 for each play. Drawings are held Monday through Saturday night at 10:12pm CST, although play ceases every night between 10:00pm and 10:15pm CST, when play resumes for the next night. Each play costs $1.00 and is available from authorized Texas lottery retailers.

There are five play areas on each game slip, allowing players to play between one and five games for each drawing. The computer can also generate automatic numbers for you in QP or Quick Pick play. Advance play is possible as well, since players have the ability to play up to 12 drawings in the future.

For those itching to win a lump sum of money instead of getting cash installments, Cash Five from the Texas lottery is your kind of game. All prizes pay in one lump sum including the jackpot.

How much can I win?

Answer The jackpot varies but is always in excess of $395.00 if you get all five numbers. If no one wins the jackpot but at least one person gets four out of the five numbers, the jackpot money rolls down to these winners and gets added to the winnings, which range from $123.00 to $395.00 per person. If you select three of the five numbers, you will earn a whopping $11.00 and matching two of the five numbers will get you $2.00.

I am going to win, right?

Answer Well, that depends. You have 1 in 9 odds to win $2.00, 1 in 88 odds of winning $11.00, 1 in 2,724 of winning somewhere between $123 and $395 and the probability of winning the top jackpot is 1 in 435,897.

No, really, I am pretty sure I won. How can I find out if I am the big winner?

Answer The Cash Five drawing is held by the Texas Lottery on television every day except Sunday at 10:12pm CST but you can also look up the information on the Texas Lottery website at www.TXLottery.org.

Best of luck!

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